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Venture Capital & Investment Advisory

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Our services include the following.

  • Strategic Financing
  • Business Recapitalization
  • Management Buyout
  • Strategic Planning & Assessment Services
  • Business Plan Development
  • Proposal Analysis & Negotiation
  • Initial Public Offering Services
  • Positioning & Valuation Services
  • Ongoing Management Services

Assurance & Advisory

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Our Assurance and Advisory Services group offers a number of accounting, auditing, and assurance-related services for small and medium sized businesses. These include:


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Our consulting team provides a full spectrum of services, including financial management, people management and knowledge management. Our clients choose us because we have highly specialized skills to help them grow by identifying their goals, understanding how they want to change, and by implementing effective improvement processes.

We provide multi-discplinary approach to issues facing our clients. We provide strong, integrated services for clients, both in the public and private sectors. Our areas of expertise includes:

  • Benchmarking
  • Business valuations
  • Business plans, development and presentation
  • Business restructuring and debt reorganization
  • Acquisitions and financing
  • Personal financial planning
  • Wealth building and restructuring
  • Business succession
  • Operations research
  • Structure and negotiation of transactions
  • Tax implications of proposed business structures
  • Strategic management
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Corporate Governance;
  • Enterprise Technology Solutions
  • Financial Management;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Project management
  • Organisational Reviews;
  • Process Review and Redesign;
  • Spreadsheet modelling
  • Resourcing Reviews; and
  • Strategic Planning.


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Entrepreneurial growth represents the future. The technologies, industries, business models and financial structures it creates not only contributes to the new economy, but also helps each of us to control our own destiny - to find a new way of living in the connected world.

We provide advice and resources that accelerate the success of the entrepreneurial growth companies. We work extensively with entrepreneurs in helping them pursue high growth strategies by providing the much required skill support.

Our business consultants can generate innovative Ideas, develops practical solutions and delivers tangible results, which add measurable value to every engagement. Also, we promote the growth and success of privately owned entities with advice on the timing of initial public offerings. We also assist owner/entrepreneurs with tax efficient wealth building and preservation techniques.

Our services include the following.

  • Start Up Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping Services
  • Controllership Services

Tax Consulting 

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We emphasize constructive tax planning rather than just tax compliance. Our approach is to be innovative, to anticipate, not just react to, tax issues and to use constructive tax planning for maximum effectiveness.

Keeping up to date with current tax issues is a top priority of our tax consulting team. We maintain an extensive in-house library, including electronic research resources, in order to provide our clients with quick effective solutions to any questions or problems that may arise.

In providing tax services to you and/or your company, we take time to learn about your business. We cannot do effective tax planning in a vacuum. To be effective, our tax planning will take into account the nature of your business and the impact of planning decisions on how you run your business.

The team expertise includes these areas:

  • National and local taxation
  • International taxation
  • Personal finance taxation
  • Taxation planning