Real Estate & Construction

Are you an architect, engineer, or contractor? We know how hard you want to protect your profits and keep your competitors away.

Business Sense can provide you with a variety of financial, tax, and management advisory services to safeguard your assets and complement your business objectives to grow. Our professionals are experienced in the real estate and construction industry and have designed the financial reporting and internal control system unique to the business.

Given the intricacy of taxation in the industry, our tax professionals who understand how the tax laws apply to your business. We can analyze your current business structure and plan your taxation to maximize profitability.

How can we help you?

  • Analyze cash flow activities and prepare you cash budget to ensure you have cash when you need it

  • Assist in developing financing options such as choosing the right loan, bank negotiations and preparation of necessary financial budget.

  • Plan your job profitability by controlling costs to increase margins.

  • Plan your tax structure legally during the year to maximize your profitability.

  • Assist in identifying potential companies to acquire or merge.

  • Advise on managing risk to protect your business

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