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Start Up Services

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We can assist entrepreneurs and prospective business owners in balancing the demands of maximizing profits while minimizing taxes. We assist the entrepreneur in a modular approach. Realizing that each individual requires specific types of assistance, we have designed different modules dealing with critical issues in the development and ongoing success of the enterprise. Entrepreneurs select only those modules with which they need help. In this way we tailor our services to increase the benefit you receive.

Our module services include:

  • Advice on identifying viable business opportunities
  • Preparing business plans focused on the strategy and implementation plans for exploring business opportunities
  • Developing the legal structure of proposed company
  • Installation of bookkeeping system
  • Establishment of internal controls
  • Preparation of pricing studies and revenue projections
  • Budgeting, forecast and ratio analysis
  • Developing long term vision and targets for existing businesses
  • Human resource planning and search
  • Finding suitable partners/investors


Other Services:

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  • Payroll Services
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping Services
  • Controllership Services