Assurance & Advisory

Our Assurance and Advisory Services group offers a number of accounting, auditing, and assurance-related services for small and medium sized businesses. These include:

Auditing Accounting
Business Review Internal Audit


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The basic purpose of an audit is to evaluate the fairness of a Company's financial statements. Our auditing staff strives to go beyond this purpose to include an evaluation of the overall internal structure of a business. By keeping up to date with the latest issues in accounting and financial management, we advise our clients on management office procedures, and technology that would benefit their business. It is very important to us to maintain a-close and constructive relationship with our clients so that we can continue to make the appropriate, informed recommendations they will need as their business grows.

At the conclusion of an audit, when appropriate, we submit a report to management, which reveals our findings and our suggestions. Our ultimate goal is to assist our client maintaining an efficient, competitive, and profitable business in the rapidly changing market place.


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More and more entrepreneurs and their managers are choosing to outsource some of the company administrative functions for a variety of important reasons. Consider the following:

  • Good accounting staff is hard to find and have a short life span in small businesses. Small businesses seldom have enough staff to create a proper internal control structure subjecting the company to theft or misuse of funds.
  • Financial reporting by small business owners do not normally follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • Some accounting functions such as receivables and payables require significant expertise that might not be available within the company.

Our accounting services offer:

  • Bookkeeping/Financial Statement Preparation
  • Full Service Bookkeeping
  • Temporary Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Controllership Services
  • Cashflow Management
  • Payroll Services
  • Budgeting Advisory
  • Management Report Preparation

Business Review

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We help entrepreneurs better understand his company’s financial results, the potential for synergistic benefits for prospective joint venture partner, issues affecting the value of the potential deal or representations and warranties to be obtained from vendors.

Our business review team focuses on the realizability of receivables, cost and obsolescence of inventory, existence and utility of fixed assets, extent of unrecorded liabilities on the reasonableness of historical results. We also review information technology security and systems, human resources, and other risk-related activities.

If provided by the transaction terms, we can audit the closing balance sheet or perform other procedures with respect to minimum working capital or net worth requirements.

Internal Audit

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We can manage your internal audit function or we can work in combination with your internal audit staff. Whatever the structure of our relationship, we will add measurable value to the process.

Our professionals and audit staffs have the experience support your internal audit process. The advice and recommendations that we provide come from professionals who understand your business.

Our style is to work as closely with your senior management and audit committee to understand your culture and strategic objectives. We take a professional approach to the process. Our goal to develop an internal audit process to work with your people, to understand your objectives and to find solutions to all problem areas identified.

Our independence gives us an objectivity that is essential in the internal audit process, and lets us apply our broad experience to provide fresh and innovative responses to the specific situations we encounter. We can provide recommendations to your senior management and audit committee with total impartiality.