The INPACT network encompasses an extensive web of independent accounting firms offering clients a full range of services. The network consists of INPACT Americas, one of the biggest networks in America, INPACT International, well established in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the rapidly growing INPACT Asia Pacific.

One of the aims of INPACT is to ensure that member clients can draw on members' local technical expertise, while also availing themselves of the vast international resources of the total network.

Partners of member firms throughout the three networks meet regularly on a national and international basis. By fostering solid relationships and developing an awareness of different working practices and business cultures, INPACT members can optimize their effectiveness to clients and, working together, can achieve a high standard of service delivery.

The INPACT group, which ranked among the top three fastest growing firms in 2002 belongs to the top 30 (ranked 28th) leading global network of accounting firms in the world. This is based on the latest study by Lafferty Publications, one of the world’s leading providers of high value business intelligence.